CWA Public, Healthcare & Education Workers


Right now all of us are focused on the urgent need of this moment to ensure the health, safety and security of our members and their colleagues, our families and our communities. Visit our Covid-19 Resources page now for more information.

As public, healthcare and education workers, most of us are on the frontlines of the coronavirus emergency--especially our direct healthcare workers in hospitals in New York to Nevada, to nursing home workers in Tennessee and Iowa, and everyone in between. It’s also our social workers, our utility workers, our paraprofessionals, and so many more in our sector who are showing up each day in this crisis and giving their all to make sure our safety net is in place, and our public services are working.

As far as we can tell, tens of thousands of our members are classified as essential personnel and are still reporting dutifully to work to care for the sick, the vulnerable, and to make sure public services are up-and-running. CWA’s immediate priority is to ensure that anyone working has everything they need to protect them: personal protective equipment like masks and gloves, sanitizers and disinfectants. We also are working to ensure that people’s livelihoods are protected, so our union is also advocating to protect our paychecks, ensure paid leave, and more.

Look: No matter what the person in the White House is saying today, we know we’ve got a lot longer to go before we’re in the clear on this crisis, and my office is working as part of the national CWA team to do everything can to get us through this safely.

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CWA PHEW (Public, Healthcare & Education Workers) represents more than 140,000 public, health care and education workers in states from coast to coast, ranging from blue collar to white collar workers, from social workers, educators, and health care providers to computer programmers, heavy equipment operators & corrections and police officers.

Members of United Campus Workers local 3265 are building political power in an unlikely place: Georgia.

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This past summer, Locals 4818 and 4730 underwent a historic merger!

Some leaders in the Florida Legislature have cooked up a new scheme to attack unions of teachers, state and municipal workers, public safety employees and other public servants.

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CWA Local 6360 in Kansas City, Missouri organized the 911 dispatchers at the City of Blue Springs Missouri.  A contract has been negotiated and has been ratified by the bargaining unit

CWA President Shelton urged CWA members to keep pressure on their Members of Congress to support the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act.
The MLI program was established 30 years ago as CWA's internal training program designed to promote the involvement of members of color, women, LGBTQ, and other underrepresented members within CWA at every level of our union.